Weekend getaways: Brussels for first-timers (Day 1)

It is easy to have an uplifting weekend getaway exploring the gorgeous and romantic Brussels. Its Art Nouveau architecture from the late 19th century, street arts, chocolates and innumerous parks captivates anyone. Simple to move around by using public transportation, I made the most of the two days that I had there and created two lists so you can inspire yourself when visiting this city. The locations are listed in sequential order, starting from the Central Station. You can find the Day 2 of this list here. Hope you like it!

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Mont des Arts

Arriving at the Bruxelles Central Station you can already appreciate Brussels charm: Mont des Arts and Sablon neighbourhood are a perfect start in the city. Mont des Arts is a museum quarter. Around three hectares of art where you can watch from a Chaplin film to a renewed tenor concert, see Renaissance paintings, discover culture, explore art history.

Brussels has many interesting museums and by planning your visit well, you can visit them for free! Here you can find a list of when and which museums are free to enter: (see link).

Brussels 23

Brussels 22


Notre-Dame du Sablon Church

The Sablon neighborhood is a vibrant area of chic restaurants, bars and chocolate shops. The gothic Notre-Dame du Sablon Church is rich in details and worth a visit – and the area behind it (Place du Grand Sablon) hosts a beautiful antiques market on weekends.

This impressive gothic flamboyant style church is 65 meters high and 24 meters long. Its construction was started in the year 1400, but it took more than one century to be completed. Damaged by religious wars and the French Revolution, it was restored in the 19th century. These marvellous stained-glass windows date from around the 19th century and displays a color show on sunny days. The church is located at Rue des Sablons.

Brussels 21

brussels 20


Kleine Zavelsquare or Square of Petit Sablon. Right across the street (in front of the church), a little park to enjoy.


Brussels Park

Small and perfect for a stroll, Brussels park is clean, beautiful and romantic. Haven’t seen it during spring, but it sure is a delight to the eyes during autumn. You can easily arrive by the Parc subway/tram stations.


Autumn colors as its best



Grand Place

Considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, Grand Place or Grote Markt is the central square of Brussels, surrounded by opulent historic buildings dating from the 17th century. There is also located the city’s Town Hall and the Museum of the City of Brussels. There’s a street (Rue des Chapeliers) right by the square where you can find some really nice bars and restaurants – and the popular ones, like the Hard Rock.


Always crowded, but amazingly beautiful

Brussels 10


Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Impressive, huge, symmetric and full of chocolate! I tried the chocolates at Belgique Gourmande. Their creativity making chocolates is mouthwatering.

There are a lot of nice bars and restaurants at Galeries Royales area. Rue des Bouchers and Impasse de la Fidélité streets are the best places to try all the Belgian waffles, beer and fries. Oh, and there you can find one of the 3 “urinating statues” of Brussels, the Jeanneke Pis. #hint!

Brussels 32


Needed a lot of self control to not eat them all! As delicious as it looks.


They have a full collection of chocolates that look like rusty tools!


Pasta Divina

This restaurant attracted me by the smell of the food. Literally. Homemade pasta and sauce, reservations are recommended – the place is always crowded with a line of more people attracted by the smell! And yes, the food tastes as good as it smells. Rue de la Montagne, 16.

Day one ended here, you can check day two here! How’s your travel style? Do you think you can fit this on your day? Let me know in the comments!



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